Kazybekbi (1667-1763)

 Kazybek   bi – the  great  Kazakh diplomat.  In  1667 a  child  wa s born in Karkaralinskaya  steppe in the family of bi Keldibek (Argyn  tribe, Karakesek clan). The  boy  received  the  name  of  Kazybek. At  that  time  the  family couldn’t assume  that  this  restless boy  would  become a famous orator and great diplomat  and  his  advices  would  be heard  by khans and  sultans. Kazakh  people called  him “KazDauysty” (“Loud-voiced Kazbek”).  He  was  high-educated, with brilliant  memory,  purposeful  and  ready  to protect  his  nation  until  the last minute. Kazybek  bi was national  orator, leader  and  in  fact protector  of statehood  and  law  in  the  Middle  Zhuz  (Horde). He was famous  not only  by his  career of  arbiter.  In  the  Middle  Horde  he was a person  who could respond in  an  oral  battle.  This  skil l  was  a  unique  characteristic.